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Sales & Refund Policy

Sales Terms and Conditions

  • We are located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and state our prices in Canadian dollars ($CDN).
  • 5% Goods and Services Tax (GST) is added to all online orders.
  • Prices are subject to change at any time and without notice.
  • Sorry, but we cannot guarantee availability of a product at the time of your order.

Methods of Payment

  • We do process payments online. You can choose to submit your credit card details online or not, it is optional. When you submit credit card details online, the information is securely encrypted but not transferred anywhere. Then your order is processed offline at the retail store.
  • When you place order online you can pay with: Visa, MasterCard and American Express. Also we accept debit and cash at the door.
  • We do not accept personal cheques.
  • Online Orders for delivery must be pre-paid.


  • Once processed online orders will not be cancelled.
  • To cancel, contact at 1 855 745 3767

Refund Policy

  • Unopened Products: Refunds are given for unopened product in saleable condition. We cannot accept a return on any product that has been used or where the packaging has been altered in any way.
  • Opened Products: Refunds or exchanges are given for spoiled wine only when the contents are still in the bottle. Empty bottles are not accepted for refund.
  • Sale Products: No refunds or exchanges on sale items.

DELIVERY - Our Online Store To Your Door

Calgary pick n drop services Inc. is pleased to assist in getting your orders and gifts delivered. But delivery can be a tricky business so please read these guidelines carefully to ensure a trouble-free experience.** Please Note: Orders placed online will be delivered within 1 hour subject to availability of drivers, availability of store open and whether and road conditions.

  • Recipient must be 18 years of age or older. We ID anyone under 25. It's the law.
  • Recipient cannot be under the influence of alcohol.

Delivery within Calgary City Limits

  • Read this, it's important: You are asking us to deliver alcohol. That means we must ensure that someone over the age of 18, who is not inebriated, accepts the delivery. We cannot leave alcohol deliveries on a doorstep if no one is home! If you give us a residential address, we must talk to the recipient to schedule the delivery. We are as discreet as possible to ensure gifting surprises, but we must call in advance. So, we urge you to give us a weekday business address and telephone number for your recipient. That way, we meet our legal obligation and you are assured that your shipment arrives on time and is a surprise if it's a gift!
  • Calgary Pick N Drop Services Inc. does not assume responsibility for attempted but uncompleted deliveries. For example, if you give us a residential phone number or address for your recipient and we cannot reach them to schedule delivery, your delivery expectations may not be met. The same may occur if you give us an incorrect address or telephone number.
  • We employ a courier service to deliver within Calgary city limits.
  • Delivery must be pre-paid. If any adjustments are required they are done after the delivery has been attempted or completed.
  • Your delivery costs are calculated and added to your order after it is submitted online.
  • The final delivery cost depends on the location of the delivery address (see zone map below), the cargo being delivered (ie: one bottle costs less than a case!), and the amount of time available to complete the delivery. For example, if you need a rush delivery today, it will cost you more! We can quote your delivery fees prior to finalizing your order.
  • We open 7 days a week 11.00 am to 1.30 am.
  • Our delivery period within 1 hour after confirming the online orders. Please contact at 18663918757 to confirm order after placing online orders.
  • We attempt to deliver your order only once. After that, the order is returned to store and we notify you. Any subsequent delivery attempts are your responsibility (ie: if you want us to try again, you will be charged the delivery fee again).
  • We reserve the unconditional right to refuse delivery.

Calgary City Limits Delivery Zones & Prices: Note, these price are for standard delivery. Rush costs will be quoted offline if they apply.

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